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    I've been using your plug in for 3-4 years now. With it, I've been able to dominate my niche market! So thank you for that! Since I use so many options on each product I hide the checkout table and just show order review in cart.

    There's only ONE thing I need the checkout to have from the customer's selection and that is the date picker. When a customer chooses a date from the date piker I need just that choice to show in checkout. Is there a way to show just this choice?

    On my website this is the customer's "item will arrive by date" that they are choosing and showing this one option would cut down on the 100's of phone calls saying...
    "Hi I just placed and order, when will I get my stuff" calls.

    Even though they choose the date when ordering they STILL call. I'm hoping that by being able to put that one choice, they'll stop calling.

    If you have coding to make this happen, please tell me where to put it because I'm dumb like that.


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